If you love boxer shorts like I love boxer shorts, you will appreciate the wonderful shorts we have to offer. If you are considering the purchase of boxer shorts for the very first time, these shorts will get you off on the right foot. The ultimate in comfort is just a few clicks away. Over 700 styles to choose from, all manufactured in the U.S.A of premium-grade cotton.

Egyptian Cotton Designs
Egyptian cotton has a much longer staple than a domestic cotton. This allows for a much tighter weave pattern and makes for a much higher quality garment. The best quality Egyptian cotton fabric is typically 250 threads per inch, which just so happens to be the thread count of the wonderful Egyptian cotton we use for these marvelous boxer shorts. We have the following colors available: Egyptian White, Navy, Black, Burnt Orange, Purple, Hunter Green, Bright Olive, and Raspberry. You will definitely love these boxers!

Shirting Designs
If you want boxers made from the best material money can buy, look no further. These shirting fabrics are what you would expect to find in a $200 men's dress shirt. This stuff is exquisite. All of these fabrics are yarn dyed and have a high thread count, though I am at a loss to tell you how high. These shirting fabrics are soft and will thus provide incredible comfort and, above all else, should last for years.

Print Designs
We have quite a number of print styles from which to choose ranging. We only create print boxers from top quality print fabrics--not always easy to find. We do have several fabric vendors from which we make purchases regularly and we have never been disappointed with their quality fabrics.

Solid Color Designs
60 Square Cloth Designs. Everything from conservative colors like White, Black and Natural to wild and crazy colors like Blood Red, Goldenrod, Navy, Seaweed, Military Green and Mocha.

Flannel Designs
These soft, warm boxer shorts are created from premium-quality 100% cotton flannel for long wear and low shrinkage. The Portuguese flannel boxers are all yarn-dyed and woven--not printed on. This fact provides excellent colorfastness. Available styles are: Black/White Houndstooth, Red/Black Houndstooth, Royal Stewart, Black Watch, Blue/Black Houndstooth, Dress Gordon, Black Stewart, Boston Flanne, Missoula Flannel, White Stewart, Campbell, Black Thickie, Pine Thickie, Pale Yellow, Wine Thickie, Light Purple Thickie, and Grey Stripe.

Unique Designs (Sateen & Double Naps)
This is a fairly new fabric we are trying out from the same people that make the wonderful 60-square cloth noted above. This fabric is lightweight and has the smooth feel of satin--yet, it is cotton. This is a great fabric for warmer climates and will provide superior comfort and durability. Available colors are White Sateen, Royal Blue, Sea Green, Tan, Forest Green, Banana, and Black Sateen.